At F L E S H P O P, our goal is to bridge the gap between your beauty and vulnerability, and the way the world sees nude photography. We want to draw you, yes Y O U, in all of your beautiful forms, and share it with the world, without vulnerability. There is so much beauty in line and color. There is so much beauty in the human body. We want to show you how well they mix.



FLESHPOP is a Phoenix-based art project, working toward a world of inclusive body love. We’re also insanely sex-positive! We turn your every day (drop-dead gorgeous) nudes into digital drawings with vibrant and fun colors and patterns! We’re basically here to piss Instagram off.

How do I submit?

You can see more detail about submitting here!

Who are you guys?

A: Hi guys! I’m Allissa, and I do most of the drawing behind FLESHPOP, but I couldn’t do any of this without M and Lessa! My pronouns are she/them. I’m an anxious creature, so creating helps soothe my brain, and I can’t wait to show you how much I love you! My favorite past time is snuggling with our fur sons.

M: Hey hey hey hey hey I’m Michael, and I play video games and make music. I draw some doodles and I like 1930s cartoons. I’m in charge of outreach, photography, and those weird squiggles in the backgrounds of your drawings. I’m married to A and she’s wicked hot!

Lessa: Hi hello! My name is Lessa, and I am a business partner with FLESHPOP, and I do a lot of modeling as well! I am a very sex-positive individual that loves video games, music, traveling, and you human beings! I adore the work being done here at FLESHPOP, and I am super happy to be a part of this body positive journey!

What digital materials do you use to create?

For digital pieces, we use an iPad Pro with the first generation Apple Pencil. For software, we create graphics using Procreate (an iPad-only app you can find here).

WIP — What traditional materials do you use to create?

Watercolor: Sakura Koi Watercolors, Winsor & Newton Cotman Pocket Box, Canson XL Series Mix Media Paper Pad, Derwent Watercolor pencils, vaguely generic watercolor brush pens (you can get them at pretty much any art supply store, or amazon — THESE ONES ARE BETTER),
Acrylic: pretty much any decently priced art set

What inspires you?

A: Lots of other people. Nature, creatures, magic(k), art, music, rain, just very very very many things!

M: Seeing artists that have ‘made it’, nature, bright colors, new music, creative friends. Yeah, and lots of other things!

Lessa: Rain and cloudy weather, being in nature, being around positive influences (such as my friends and chosen family), and music!

What do you listen to when you’re working?
We’re big fans of lo-fi and R&B for sexy drawing! Here is a list of playlists we love/have created!

What is your favorite thing about FLESHPOP?

A: Your reactions, the conversations and connections we have, and the color! There are so many things that I love about FLESHPOP, but these have to be my top 3 (in no particular order). I love having the opportunity to help you feel special and gorgeous and sexy!

M: The titties! Just kidding, my absolute favorite thing is seeing how beautiful these drawings make you guys feel.

Lessa: I am in love with the way FLESHPOP makes people feel proud of their little vessel and more motivated to be themselves with just a little creativity and art.